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Many years ago I overheard two friends talking about their future plans. One said that he intends to pursue maritime law after his current commitment. His friend suggested otherwise since there was currently enough maritime lawyers. The response given to his objection left an indelible mark in my mind, “Yes, but there’s always room for one more good one.”

More than the calf wants to suckle, the cow wants to nurse

Pesachim 112a

Thank G-d, there are more people, organizations and companies dedicated to helping olim than ever! The staff at Nefesh b’Nefesh and their website are filled with helpful information and assistance. Group aliyahs based on like values and haskafah are in formation. There’s a myriad of WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and websites providing news, information, guidance and encouragement — but we believe there is room for one more good one.

Our goal with Aliyah is 1) to publish an annual magazine for distribution in North America, 2) cultivate our/this website to be an online hub fueled by helpful, dedicated olim and 3) to be a “happy place” where you can always find that much needed positive message.

The bottom line is there are tons of people that want to help and we want Aliyah’s website to be the platform where it happens.

It’s all about connecting and helping. It’s what we, as a people, do best!

We did it. So can you!