I am not a headhunter or HR expert but life has proven that the power of connection is extremely valuable to finding employment, especially in Israel.

Connecting with people, both Anglos and Israelis, taps you into a huge network of potential employment (NOPE) – because people know people. The deeper and more meaningful the connection you make with your NOPE the more they understand your needs and want to help. (The word “nepotism” which is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends comes from the the word “nephew” because a certain historical figure granted special favors to his nephews – his close relatives.)

Don’t be shy, say “Yes!” to growing your NOPE. It’s human nature to help and you’re giving them the opportunity to do so. It’s a true win-win situation!

Developing your NOPE can be exciting and empowering. Here’s a few things you need do to get the ball rolling:

  • Order business cards with your name, phone number and email address. For a more personal touch consider including a picture of your smiling face. You can remove an unwanted background HERE. Give these cards to your NOPE and check in with them periodically so they don’t forget about you. Job openings and new opportunities continually unfold.
  • We’re acquainted with a huge number of people via social media and WhatsApp groups. Start connecting with these people and, obviously, those you know well already. Tell them your situation, your skills, and your goals – give them your CV if it helps. If they cannot help, ask them for referrals to those that can.
  • Strike up conversations wherever you are. Find activities or hobbies that force you out of your home and mix with others. Give these new friends your business card and the run-down on what you’re looking for.

Whether or not your NOPE helps with employment you will at least meet lots of wonderful people, amass a huge friend base and have a more enriching aliyah experience.

Our lives are replete with life-changing situations brought about by people we barely know — is there any reason why your next job can’t come from one of them?

Have an amazing day!