Games can be a fun and effective way to learn nearly anything — including Hebrew.

The City Name game was our son Shem Tov‘s brilliant idea, and if I recall correctly, was first played on a family trip a few years ago. It’s educational, fun and can be played by the whole family. Simply translate the absurdly sounding English translated name of Israeli cities to Hebrew.

For example:

  • Seventh Well > Be’er Sheva / באר-שבע
  • Degrees > Maalot / מעלות
  • Garden Heights > Ramat Gan / רמת-גן

Now it’s your turn!

Translate these 15 Israeli city names to Hebrew.

MermaidDove VillageView of the Galilee
Spring HillStreetsSea City
Tower of the ValleyHead of the EyeGrandpa Village
First of ZionEntrance of HopeSons of Barak
City EightGlory of SharonHouse and Garden

Next week! Answers to these 15 places and 15 more. Whoo-hoo!

Let us know if you learned or enjoyed playing this game HERE.