At the end of an exhausting shopping trip about the last thing you want to do is schlep all those bags up to your 4th floor apartment. You can save yourself time and and what’s left of your energy with a swinging wall mounted grocery winch to get your groceries home.

The design is simple and can be fabricated at a metal fab shop, by a reliable handyman or can be ordered online. The winch can be purchased locally. Here’s the general requirements:

  • A location near a window where the swinging wall mounted grocery winch can be mounted and can easily swung out. (Laundry drying areas are the ideal locations.)
  • It is crucial the swinging wall mounted grocery winch is installed with heavy-duty bolt/sinkers.
  • The winch has to be electrically compatible and rated for a minimum of 150 lbs.

Here is a video of my old friend and inspiration for this post:

If you are interested in this item but have no clue how to get one, contact us and we can check with our local reliable handyman on cost and availability.