Cookbooks can serve as a source of inspiration. Sometimes a recipe reminds us of foods we love but have forgotten and other times they pique our culinary curiosity to try something new. The goal of In the Kitchen is to explore exquisite, easy to prepare simple foods — whether they are new to us or not. Enjoy!

Plata Treats are totally schmeezie to make and a joy to eat!

The Plata Treats in this video are kitniyot but don’t let that deter you from making YOUR own version, either for Pesach or sometime after the holiday.

When we make them for Shabbat we’ve used the following ingredients : crushed salty peanuts, dried coconut, Lotus cookies (but any cookie will do), peanut butter, halva, rice crispies and pretzels. A little salt tossed on top at then end can give that amazing sweet/salty flavor.

We hope you get creative and make Plata Treats that make you stomp your feet with joy!

p.s. The Plata Treats were a great hit on Shabbat / Pesach afternoon. If you make your own Plata Treats send us your recipe and reviews. It’s called sharin’ the love.